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syngo Auto Left Heart

syngo Auto Left Heart

    syngo Auto Left Heart (Auto LH) technology

    syngo Auto Left Heart (Auto LH) automatically detects left ventricular and atrial borders, generating measurements without user interaction on typical adult transthoracic images. Using routine apical 2 chamber and 4 chamber views, end-systolic and diastolic segments, standard measurements of end-diastolic volume, end-systolic volume, ejection fraction, and a volume-time curve for the cardiac cycle are calculated. Operates on DICOM clips from select Siemens competitor’s ultrasound systems as well.


    • Utilizing knowledge-based imaging the pattern recognition provides a new level of accuracy and consistency in adult cardiac quantification
    • Provides robust performance and expert-like consistency in every exam
    • Promotes smooth and efficient workflow


    • Echocardiography


    Additional information

    syngo Auto Left Heart is based on learned pattern recognition and uses a proprietary Siemens artificial intelligence-based methodology. Also available as an off the system solution via syngo Ultrasound Workplace.

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