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Cios Spin®1 provides you with new insights that give you more certainty in surgical routine – and full control over your procedures. It can help you improve outcomes, reduce operational costs and risks, work efficiently, and increase your institution’s reputation.

More certainty in demanding cases

When it comes to placement of screws and implants in demanding procedures, conventional 2D imaging may not always provide enough information.

In order to safeguard optimal surgical outcome and be able to perform intraoperative corrections to avoid postoperative complications, surgeons greatly benefit from
intraoperative tools that let them confirm their planned results.

Cios Spin enables precise intraoperative quality control based on dedicated 3D technologies. Allowing surgeons to confirm their results, Cios Spin delivers the intraoperative tools to help safeguard optimal surgical outcome.


More efficiency in intraoperative 3D

In daily routine, it’s all about increasing efficiency. If 3D intraoperative imaging is too cumbersome, causes delays in the workflow, or requires hard‐to‐learn know‐how, it is often not considered for clinical routine.

Cios Spin is built on a concept as smart as plug-and‐play. For efficient and uninterrupted surgical workflows, Cios Spin comes with feature packages such as Easy 3D: easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to integrate into your surgical routine.

More cost-effectiveness in surgery

If malplaced screws and implants are not detected intraoperatively, additional costs can arise. These include costs of revision surgeries, longer hospital stays, additional postoperative diagnostics, and liability issues.

The ability to perform intraoperative corrections based on 3D images acquired with Cios Spin can help you avoid subsequent costs.

Whether it is, for example, by reducing complication rates, postoperative CT scans, or patients’ duration of stay, intraoperative 3D with Cios Spin can positively impact your department’s financial performance – and is an investment that pays off.

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1Cios Spin is currently under development; is not for sale in the U.S. Its future availability cannot be guaranteed.