RealART treatment replanning

Intelligent software for Adaptive Radiation Therapy

RealART treatment replanning
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On-the-spot replanning software to precisely adapt the treatment plan
With the intelligent replanning software RealART*, you get up-to-the minute information on tumor shape and position to immediately adapt therapy to anatomical changes – while your patient stays on the table. Accurate dose coverage and control help you increase treatment effectiveness and guarantee patient safety all at once.

Fast and precise on-the-spot replanning
When a patient’s anatomy changes during radiation therapy, fast and precise on-the-spot replanning is needed. With RealART, you can adapt treatment to the current shape and position of the tumor within around 9 minutes. 

  • Immediate adaption of therapy to anatomical changes 

No need for patient repositioning
While replanning with RealART, the patient stays on the table, in treatment position. That is how RealART ensures treatment accuracy and patient safety, less waiting time and reduced overall treatment time. 

  • Safe patient positioning, less wait time 

Better dose coverage to targets
RealART provides accurate dose coverage minimizing dose to healthy tissue. You can modify the tumor contours quickly and accurately, making sure you reliably hit a target that has changed. 

  • Increased treatment effectiveness 

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*A product of Prowess Inc.