Right Result. Right Here. Right Now.

Improve outcomes and workflow, while transforming care delivery across clinical pathways. The epoc® Blood Analysis System gives you lab-quality results here and now.

Improve your workflow and help your clinicians make faster decisions with the handheld epoc® Blood Analysis System, which goes wherever patients are located and provides lab-quality results on the spot. Simplify inventory management, reduce costs, and maximize efficiency with the epoc system’s single-use test cards that require no refrigeration.

As of November 2017, the epoc product line joins Siemens Healthineers as the newest member of the blood gas portfolio and will integrate seamlessly into the Siemens Healthineers POC Ecosystem™ Solution, helping improve the patient experience by providing the right test in the right place at the right time.

We are committed to enabling hospital systems to improve outcomes and achieve financial objectives with our broad portfolio of imaging, laboratory diagnostics, point-of-care, enterprise, and digital solutions.

Get critical test results quickly—at the patient’s side

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Improve the patient experience and transform care delivery.

The handheld, fully portable epoc system performs a panel of 11 critical tests at the patient’s side. Healthcare providers, patients, and hospital administration alike benefit from a streamlined testing process with improved turnaround times and operational efficiencies.

Deliver real-time results and reporting instantly with wireless communication

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With the epoc system and open informatics solutions from Siemens Healthineers, you can transmit patient results from the bedside to the electronic medical record (LIS/HIS) in seconds and reduce transcription errors or delays when downloading results at remote locations.

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epoc Host2 Mobile Computer and Reader

epoc Host2 Mobile Computer

  • Reduces risk with patient-side testing that allows positive patient ID and eliminates transcription errors.
  • Easily and securely connects to the Siemens Healthineers open POC informatics solution POCcelerator™ Software.
  • Enables providers or healthcare systems to chose reference ranges to suit their clinical pathways.

epoc Reader

  • Auto-calibrates the BGEM Test Card prior to every sample introduction.
  • Wirelessly communicates bidirectionally with the epoc Host and LIS/HIS.
  • Includes a rechargeable battery for fully portable operation.
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BGEM Test Card

  • One test card with 11 analytes for improved inventory management and reduced waste
  • Room-temperature storage
  • Single use, with automatic calibration prior to analysis
  • Error-free test panel recognition with bar-coded lot number and expiration
  • Small sample size: requires only 92 μL blood sample

11 critical tests on a single card

Calculated values


Measured and Calculated Parameters

Measured Parameters
Unit of Measure
Measurement Range
pH pH units 6.5–8.0
pCO2 mmHg 5–250
kPa 0.7–33.3
pO2 mmHg 5–750
kPa 0.7–100
Na+ mmol/L 85–180
K+ mmol/L 1.5–12.0
Ca++ mmol/L 0.25–4.00
mg/dL 1.0–16.0
mEq/L 0.5–8.0
Cl- mmol/L 65–140
Glu mmol/L 1.1–38.5
mg/dL 20–700
g/L 0.20–7.00
Lac mmol/L 0.30–20.00
mg/dL 2.7–180.2
g/L 0.03–1.80
Crea mg/dL 0.30–15.00
μmol/L 27–1326
Hct % PCV 10–75
L/L 0.10–0.75
Calculated Parameters
Unit of Measure
Measurement Range
cHgb g/dL 3.3–25
mmol/L 2.0–15.5
g/L 33–250
cHCO3- mmol/L 1–85
cTCO2 mmol/L 1–85
BE(ecf) mmol/L -30–+30
BE(b) mmol/L -30–+30
cSO2 % 0–100
eGFR mL/min/ 2–60 or >60*
eGFR-a mL/min/ 2–60 or >60*
AGap mmol/L -14–+95
AGapK mmol/L -10–+99
A mmHg 5-800
kPa 0.67-106.64
A-a mmHg 1-800
kPa 0.13-106.64
a/A % 0-100
fraction 0-1

Institutions should establish and set their own normal range values.
*Values >60 will be reported as >60 mL/min/1.73 m2.

"We want to help our customers innovate care delivery. The acquisition complements our existing offerings in the point-of-care diagnostics space, with a view to provide customers globally with a full range of blood gas solutions."

Peter Koerte, President, Point of Care Diagnostics, Siemens Healthineers

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White paper: Summary of Analytical Methods and Performance

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The data summarized in this white paper are compiled from user performance verifications of the epoc® Blood Analysis System.

Customized. Connected. Complete.

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You need lab-quality testing solutions in every care setting. From nimble, handheld analyzers to robust benchtop and central lab solutions, our portfolio enables increased efficiency and shorter time to diagnosis. We provide open, connected solutions so clinicians can access shared data when and where it’s needed to speed clinical decisions.

Decrease the time to diagnosis and intervention with a comprehensive menu of tests that fit your workflow. Reduce resources, control costs, and improve financial performance with a cartridge-based technology on both handheld and benchtop systems. Order fewer retests and have more confidence in results with a customized configuration of analyzers whose results correlate no matter where the testing takes place.

Stay up to date on blood gas, critical care, and other point-of-care news!

Access epoc® system documentation.

Always Open: POC Informatics

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Informatics solutions that allow you to connect more than 160 point-of-care devices

What's an open POC Ecosystem™ Solution? It's where informatics connects point-of-care instruments and environments to simplify and standardize workflows and dramatically reduce staff workload through automated processes and centralized management.