Go HYBRID! – June 2015

Jun 30, 2015

Dr. David L. Lacey from Iowa Medical Center in Des Moines, explains how the combination of CT and angiography lets him extend the range of medical options, manage complex cases, and treat patients who would previously have required surgery or referral to a specialist.

In surgery, hybrid ORs are now used for much more than just cardiovascular and endovascular procedures. Their utilization for VATS, trauma, and spine surgery has become a clinical fact.
Learn more about experiences in these fields.

A more comprehensive view of minimally invasive surgery is presented by Prof. Jacques Marescaux, head of the IRCAD Foundation, a competence center for minimally invasive surgery in Strasbourg. He is working on new procedures that utilize 3D image guidance for a variety of surgical disciplines, and he is convinced that hybrid ORs will be mandatory in the future.


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