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Efficient Customized Reading
syngo MI Applications provides a flexible environment for efficient reading, that can be customized to personal preferences and needs. Cases ready for review become visible in the physician reading worklist. They can be prepared to be displayed with the appropriate reading protocol, including the quantification packages Corridor 4DM or Cedars. A comprehensive set of tools for image visualization and manipulation is also available.To facilitate interpretation further, the display content and layout can be fully customized and even created new! Display settings such as LUT, zoom, and windowing are saved with the layout to save time.


  • Physician Worklist based reading
  • Cases prepared with reading protocol
  • 4DM, Cedars, Emory available
  • Fully customizable display
  • Comprehensive tools for visualization and manipulation
  • Saving of presentation settings like LUT, zoom and windowing

Reading Summary

Cardiac SPECT/CT Reading


Flexible Display