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Image Acquisition
syngo MI Applications greatly facilitates image acquisition. Patients can be automatically registered from the RIS modality worklist and paired with the right acquisition protocol. Gated and non-gated series can be acquired simultaneously for highest quality images. Projection images are displayed for in-line quality control, and processing starts automatically after acquisition for improved efficiency. A new acquisition can be started in parallel to processing, and studies can be suspended to increase scanner usage. Modality performed procedure Step information can be transferred back to the RIS for billing, and the study can be forwarded for the next workflow step.


  • Patient registration from RIS modality worklist
  • Automatic pairing of study types with acquisition protocols
  • In-line QC
  • Parallel acquisition and processing
  • Suspend study option
  • MPPS information and data transfer for seamless workflow

Acquisition Summary

Workplace Overview

Cardiac SPECT/CT Acquisition