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Here you can find important regulations and guidelines regarding radiation dose management.


In February 2018, the new radiation protection guidelines will come into place and enforce you to monitor dose within your imaging fleet in Europe. The EURATOM Directive1 lays down basic safety standards for protection against the dangers arising from exposure to ionising radiation teamplay helps operators comply with the EURATOM Directive.

One major topic of the European directive is justification of individual medical exposures. In special circumstances, the applied dose needs to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and documented to justify a specific individual exposure.

Radiology departments need to provide evidence that they follow nationally defined reference levels for radiodiagnostic procedures. teamplay Dose helps by offering a clear overview of, and the opportunity to comment on, dose outliers. The departmental dashboard on the home screen of teamplay shows at a glance how many examinations exceeded national reference levels or institutional set values. Besides dose monitoring, optimization is also part of the new guidelines. With teamplay, detected dose outliers can be easily analyzed. If an incorrect scan protocol was used, the protocol parameters stored on the CT scanner can be accessed with teamplay Protocols7 and measures to optimize the scan protocol can be directly triggered. Objectivity in comparing radiation dose values is also key. teamplay automatically maps customized protocols with protocol names based on the Radlex playbook.

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The NEMA Smart Dose Standard is the next step in a longstanding effort by Siemens Healthcare and the industry to reduce and optimize dose to improve patient safety in the U.S. As such, Siemens Healthcare fully supports the NEMA Smart Dose Standard and the CT Dose Differential Payment Policy, which establishes a dose optimization standard and provides an incentive for providers to meet that standard.

Find out more information and check to see if your system complies with XR-29 here.

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1EURATOM Directive Article 55, 2.(b) + (c); For the complete directive visit the following website: