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Here you’ll find perspectives from Siemens Healthineers thought leaders and partners on trends and key issues in healthcare. See what our executives are saying about the major challenges and opportunities in the fast‐changing healthcare systems, including consolidation, industrialization, and managing health megatrends.

Today’s complex health care and social environments along with evolving regulatory and payment models require a strong strategy to balance the shift from volume to value. Gaps in care and a rising risk population can lead to catastrophic and costly results for health systems, care teams, integrated delivery networks (IDNs) and patients. Value-based diagnostics should be an integral part of your value-based strategy.

Value-based diagnostics can play a key role in helping to promote effective prevention and treatment of chronic disease to improve population health. In this webinar you will learn how you could more effectively reduce risk, support better patient outcomes, lower costs, and raise patient care quality.

How to strike this balance?