Financial Performance

Make your investment pay off

Providing innovative technology that helps our customers to deliver excellent clinical outcomes has been our pathway to success for many years. Investment decisions today are not only based on clinical mission, but more and more on operating efficiency and financial performance. Sound information and several business cases show the impact of our Siemens solutions on the financial value to hospital leadership.

New Business Models for Interventional Radiology

In many hospitals, the radiology department provides only diagnostic information for therapies carried out in other departments. The Klinikum Stuttgart, Germany, has taken a different approach by combining diagnostic and therapeutic radiology in one department with admitting privileges. This model has proved successful, both financially and in terms of patient satisfaction. A similar development in the U.S. supports interventional radiology as a primary specialty with the right to admit and provide clinical care for patients as well.

Patient-Centered Cardiovascular Care

By Focusing on Patient Comfort, a Heart Institute in Pennsylvania Attained a High Standing

September 29, 2015 | Responding to the U.S. healthcare reform, Lankenau Medical Center introduced a new concept of cardiovascular care in 2013. Equipped with the latest technology, the center achieved new standards of quality care, patient satisfaction, and cost efficiency.


A hybrid operating room is the most expensive operating theater in the hospital. But if it is perfectly planned and utilized, the investment easily pays off. And as minimally invasive procedures come into use in various surgical fields, the hybrid operating room is the key to meeting future demands and staying competitive. Discover our collection of C-level and expert statements on the major clinical trends, financial performance and room planning of hybrid operating rooms.

The Interventional Suite – Increase throughput with the right mix of procedures and systems

In the current healthcare environment, staying profitable means optimizing the use of resources. In the interventional, suite this means making sure you have an effective mix of universal systems for routine procedures and of high-end equipment for complex interventions.
Let Siemens help you find the right angio systems for the individual needs of your institution. Our common goal: improve throughput while maintaining the highest standards of patient care in interventional cardiology and radiology.