Electronic Solutions Portfolio

Complex electronic solutions of the highest quality from concept to final product

Electronic Solutions Portfolio
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Life-cycle analyses

  • Reviewing the technological and physical availability of assemblies


Proactive obsolescence management

  • Analysis of availability of parts in the development and series production process and consulting on alternative solutions that will ensure availability
  • Management in a context of technical changes and discontinuations of electrical
  • components, including coverage of interim or remaining needs, to avoid cost-intensive supply bottlenecks
  • Our obsolescence management strategy offers the optimal protection against obsolete parts, costly redesigns, uncertainty of sources, and cost-intensive brokerware


Dependable spare parts management

  • Dedicated service logistics processes for rapid and dependable availability of spare parts
  • Rapid diagnosis of returned goods to classify errors and initiate the appropriate measures
  • An inventory of replacement parts ensures rapid turnaround times


Repair services

  • Dedicated service center to repair electronic assemblies
  • Guaranteed repairs for more than 10 years
  • If an exchange is required, products can be drawn from a pool or customer-specific products can be delivered back to the customer as part of a repair-and-return process