Used Medical Equipment Refurbished by Siemens

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Refurbishment of Used Medical Equipment at Siemens
Learn about our process to turn used medical equipment into reliable high-quality ecoline systems: The Refurbishing Quality Process

Used medical equipment refurbishing process
Refurbishing process for used medical equipment

The Refurbishing Quality Process with environment-friendly procedures is much more than getting used medical equipment into working condition. It goes well beyond simple quality control to provide performance and new life expectancy to used medical equipment refurbished by the original manufacturer with today's most-up-to-date original equipment manufacturer spare parts and software.


In 5 steps From Used Medical Equipment to Proven Excellence Quality
The excellent quality of our ecoline systems is based on an in-depth refurbishing process that all used medical equipment undergo as part of our Refurbishing Quality Process.
This process ensures compliance with Siemens' high quality standards and also allows us to incorporate innovative Siemens technology.
After completion of the refurbishing process the systems are given our Proven Excellence quality seal. This seal represents the fulfillment of the strict specifications of relevant international norms and standards as well as security regulations, guaranteeing technical perfection and environmental responsibility.

Give your patients outstanding security and safety with ecoline systems.

Step 1 - Selection of Used Medical Equipment

Used medical equipment selection

When it comes to selection criteria, only the best used medical equipment qualifies for refurbishing!

  • Age and technology level of the system
  • Condition, service history and past performance
  • Upgradeability of software and hardware status

Step 2 - De-Installation of Used Medical Equipment

Used medical equipment de-installation

From de-installation to destination, first class service all the way!

  • Thorough inspection at the customer's site
  • Professional de-installation by trained personnel
  • Shipping in original packing material
  • Transportation with otmost care to one of the Siemens factories

Step 3 - Refurbishment of Used Medical Equipment

Used medical equipment refurbishment

The refurbishment of the used medical equipment begins.

  • Cleaning, disinfection and painting
  • Replacement of worn parts, e.g. existing tube or coil
  • Thorough checking of components and subsystems
  • Installation of latest software updates
  • Based on your demands and budget, our Refurbishing Quality Process offers tailor-made solutions
  • Complete system check with original test equipment and procedures
  • Application of our Proven Excellence quality certificate and seal

Step 4 - Professional Installation of Refurbished Used Medical Equipment

Used medical equipment - installation after refurbishment

A new life-cycle begins under expert supervision.

  • Transportation and installation by qualified service providers
  • Start-up and system performance check
  • Optional application training


Step 5 - Warranty for Refurbished Used Medical Equipment

Used medical equipment - Warranty after refurbishment

A lasting and successful partnership.

  • Warranty typically equivalent to a new system
  • Spare parts availability for a minimum of 5 years
  • Flexible financing solutions and service contracts
  • Worldwide qualified contact partners



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