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At RSNA 2013 we proudly presented innovations created with your daily challenges in mind. Please find the highlights here. For more information follow the links.



“Two steps ahead” VS. “Trying to keep up”
Second best is not an option.
The SOMATOM Force advances Computed Tomography and keeps you two steps ahead.
Two steps ahead in Preventive Care, allowing a whole new range of patients to benefit. From kidney-friendly scanning to low dose early detection.
Two steps ahead in Freezing Motion, helping to avoid preventable re-admissions even in challenging situations. Meaning “free-breathing” CT imaging and Turbo Flash for all your patients.
Two steps ahead in Decision Making, boosting diagnostic confidence with 4D imaging at half the regular dose and precise Dual Energy Quantification.
With the new SOMATOM Force, you are two steps ahead in all clinical questions. So stop trying to keep up – be two steps ahead with the new SOMATOM Force.



ADMIRE (Advanced Modeled Iterative Reconstruction) is our newest right dose technology and the newest innovation in iterative reconstruction. This next generation of iterative reconstruction will bring great image quality with less noise and with a natural image impression. Delineation and sharpness of organs and soft tissue structures will increase and makes reading the case easier and more accurate.
ADMIRE brings iterative reconstruction in clinical routine and is suitable in a daily use for all patients even in acute care.
„Setting new benchmarks“ VS. “Limiting clinical routine”
Second best is not an option.

SOMATOM Perspective

SOMATOM Perspective

How can you overcome the dilemma of shrinking budgets when there is higher demand for patient care?
Siemens has the ideal answer to these challenges: the new SOMATOM Perspective 16- and 32-slice configurations. Completing the SOMATOM Perspective scanner family, they deliver economic benefits and flexibility thanks to four fully upgradable configurations without compromising on patient care in all clinical fields.

“Open new opportunities” VS. “Close doors to growth”
Second best is not an option



When you are under constant pressure to be efficient, the new syngo.via¹, provides answers for 3D routine and advanced reading: The new syngo.via General Engine helps speed up your workflow through revolutionary ALPHA technology and Advanced Reporting. One identifies human anatomy and automates the creation of standardized reconstructions, while the other simplifies how reports can be created and shared. Furthermore, the new version offers numerous new feature enhancements and clinical applications, such as Automatic Rib Labeling and Rapid Stent Planning, for fast diagnostic confidence.
Supercharge your efficiency and diagnostic confidence – with the new syngo.via.

Artis one²

Artis one

Artis one is marking a new approach to interventional imaging.
This system delivers proven state-of-the-art technology – like the MEGALIX Cat Plus X-ray tube featuring a unique flat emitter. In addition it offers next-generation tools for uncompromised imaging and integrated 3D imaging and viewing. A coverage of 6 ft 10 in (2.1 meters) from head to toe supports ceiling-like workflows on a floor-mounted system.
Intelligent operation is enhanced by a configurable heads-up display, allowing you to interact with the system in a completely new, intuitive way. So you can keep your attention where you need it.
And because the solution is so easy to understand and deploy, it will have a positive impact on your whole organization. Broaden your procedure mix and hit the sweet spot of your business.

MAX – Multiple Advances in X-ray

MAX – Multiple Advances in X-ray

MAX is more than just single features and functions. It results in multiple improvements that touch multiple aspects of your daily work. MAX enables you to get the best image quality in the shortest amount of time.
MAX is the result of Intelligent Innovation, our unique way to network all system elements seamlessly. It is available with Ysio Max11, Luminos dRF Max, Luminos Agile Max and Uroskop Omnia Max.

Luminos Agile Max

Luminos Agile Max

Luminos Agile Max – A more RADical way in fluoroscopy. Luminos Agile Max is the first patient-side system for safer use – with a height-adjustable table, for sharper imaging – with a MAX dynamic flat detector, for stronger synergies – with MAX dual use in radiography and fluoroscopy.

Ysio Max11

Ysio Max

Ysio Max is the most direct way to the image. MAXalign11 makes free exams dramatically faster, easier and more consistent. With Aim FAST the system always takes the fastest and safest way to the position you need. A family of new detectors is also part of MAX: with MAX wi-D11, a light, thin and fast wireless 35x43 cm / 14x17” detector with a handle and with the MAX mini11, a small 24x30 / 10x12” wireless detector dedicated for orthopedic, pediatric and trauma cases.

Multix Fusion

Multix Fusion

Multix Fusion is a complete radiography family meeting your needs from a clinical and business perspective.
Fits your needs and fits your budget with Flex and Value variants:
The Flex variants deliver full positioning and configuration flexibility with up to 2 detectors. Optimal for customers with high patient throughput, looking for excellent image quality at low dose.
The newest variant fits perfectly for customers who demand high positioning flexibility for all clinical applications and even higher patient throughput. Includes 2 dose optimized detectors, one wireless and one fixed.
The Value variants offer value oriented pricing and perfectly fit customers with limited budget and who focus on specific clinical needs, like lying and standing exams.
Multix Fusion. It fits.

New certainty in liver MRI. With MAGNETOM.

Body MRI is the largest opportunity to grow MRI procedure volume in general. But if you are talking about breathing motion or motion of the blood or contrast agent, body imaging is challenging. Now, you can embrace motion with our new technology FREEZEit.6 See the results in the most challenging and most relevant body organ, the liver.
- Always the right contrast timing in dynamic liver imaging. With TWIST-VIBE.6
- Free-breathing, contrast-enhanced body imaging. With StarVIBE.6
FREEZEit - embrace motion.

Minimum of 70% reduction in sound pressure. With MAGNETOM.7

Please be sure your sound is on to hear the difference

The new Quiet Suite6 takes noise reduction to a whole new level by addressing the root source – sharp gradient switches. New sequences offer a broad range of benefits:

- Complete, quiet exams for neurology and orthopedics
- No compromises in image quality
- Minimum of 70% reduction in sound pressure7
Imaging is to be seen, not heard.

Symbia Intevo

Symbia Intevo

Symbia Intevo™³ the world’s first xSPECT³ system, provides physicians with the ability to not only image disease, but also to leverage the high resolution to see the unseen for more confident interpretations. Its unique quantitative³ capabilities provides the ability to monitor and adjust treatments earlier by accurately measuring even small differences. To support patient safety and increased efficiency, Symbia Intevo was designed to administer the lowest4 dose while imaging patients faster than ever.

Biograph mCT Flow

Biograph mCT Flow

Powered by Siemens’ revolutionary FlowMotion™ technology, Biograph mCT Flow™³ is the world’s first PET•CT system to eliminate the demand for stop-and-go imaging. Now with Biograph mCT Flow and FlowMotion, planning and scanning is based on a single continuous motion of the patient table. Biograph mCT Flow paves the way for extraordinary progress in diagnosing and treating the most challenging diseases. The new Biograph mCT Flow with FlowMotion technology is the end of stop and go.

HELX Evolution, ACUSON S Family of Ultrasound Systems. Present Smart. Future Ready.

The Next Evolution from the Ultrasound Pioneers Present Smart. Future Ready.

Tomorrow’s challenges aren’t known today. They never are. But unknown doesn’t have to mean unprepared.


HELX Evolution, ACUSON S Family of Ultrasound Systems Present Smart. Future Ready.<br />

The HELX Evolution of the ACUSON S Family™ of Ultrasound Systems provides leading HD image quality, streamlined workflow, and cost-effective sustainability and upgradability. With critical new technologies, including Virtual Touch™ IQ, the HELX Evolution delivers ultrasound systems to take you into the future.

The ultrasound you choose today can be the same ultrasound that you’ll need tomorrow.

Mammomat Fusion – Where premium meets everyday mammography

Mammomat Fusion
  • Do it in a click
  • Enjoy peace of mind
  • Get your money’s worth

Mammomat Fusion9 is a premium mammography system made to enhance everyday screening and diagnostics. A refined automated workflow performs complex exams in the click of a button. The particularly robust and reliable detector keeps going strong, year after year, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind. Whilst the low operating costs, interesting service packages and high patient throughput help you to get your money’s worth.

Mammomat Select - Makes your day the easy way!

Mammomat Select
  • Easy to touch screen
  • Easy to dose right
  • Easy to invest low

Proven expertise in analog mammography is now enhanced by smart features. Easily control the whole system by its intuitive touchscreen and automatically receive the optimized dose. Mammomat Select10 is simply the right choice at the right price.

1 syngo.via can be used as a standalone device or together with a variety of syngo.via-based software options, which are medical devices in their own right. This product is not yet commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons it’s future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens organization for further information. Rib Labeling is not available in the U.S.

2 510(k) pending. May not be commercially available in all countries, future availability cannot be guaranteed.

3 Symbia Intevo, xSPECT and Biograph mCT are not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons their future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens organization for further details.

4 Lowest dose possible with CARE Dose4D, Autoform and flexible kV protocols.

5 This product is pending 510(k) clearance and is not yet available in the United States.

6 May not be commercially available in countries outside the U.S., future availability cannot be guaranteed.

7 Data on file

8 This product is pending 510(k) clearance and is not yet available in the United States. In clinical practice, the use of ADMIRE may reduce CT patient dose depending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical location, and clinical practice. A consultation with a radiologist and a physicist should be made to determine the appropriate dose to obtain diagnostic image quality for the particular clinical task. The following test method was used to determine a 54 to 60% dose reduction when using the ADMIRE reconstruction software. Noise, CT numbers, homogeneity, low-contrast resolution and high contrast resolution were assessed in a Gammex 438 phantom. Low dose data reconstructed with ADMIRE showed the same image quality compared to full dose data based on this test. Data on file.

9 Mammomat Fusion is currently under development; is not for sale in the U.S. Its future availability cannot be guaranteed.

10 Mammomat Select is not commercially available. Due to regulatory reasons its future availability cannot be guaranteed. Not for the U.S. and Canada.

11 Ysio Max, MAXalign, MAX wi-D and MAX mini Detectors are pending 510(k) clearance and are not yet commercially available in the U.S.

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