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syngo medical imaging software makes reading, storing, and sharing clinical images easier and more efficient than ever. Its innovative technology transforms the power of imaging equipment into tangible clinical benefits. A common user interface across all modalities streamlines radiologists’ work, boosting productivity. And mobile access capabilities make it possible to view images and findings anywhere1 and on many devices, providing a whole new level of flexibility. To put it briefly: in terms of quality, efficiency, and patient outcomes, syngo enables healthcare facilities to see real results.

1 Prerequisites include: Internet connection to clinical network, DICOM compliance, meeting of minimum hardware requirements, and adherence to local data security regulations.
The application is not approved for Diagnostic Use in all countries.
Please refer to your sales representative whether the product is available for your country.

2 syngo.via can be used as a standalone device or together with a variety of syngo.via-based software options, which are medical devices in their own right.

3 syngo.share is a medical device of ITH icoserve technology for healthcare GmbH, Innsbruck, Austria. syngo.share currently is only available in various European countries.

4 For research use only. Not for clinical use.

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