LIGHTLIFE Nano Liner XB-27

Article Number: 10410778

Nano Liner XB-27
The Nano Liner is a LED strip with length of 1 m. The high performance LEDs transmit a brigth-white light to illuminate the patient table and the workplace of the operator.
The long-lasting and efficient LED strips perfectly control "white light", allowing directed illumination of the working and patient areas in adjustable color temperature. The Nano Liner XB-27 has a length of 1 m and is installed under the ceiling. The module contains LEDs with cold and warm white color temperatures that can be adjusted as needed. The 15 degree emission angle ensures that only the specific area you're working in is illuminated rather than the whole room. Thus, reflective glare on the monitors is avoided. Connection is made via the power supply of the workplace and patient lighting. The operating voltage is 230V/50Hz.


Cardiology, CT, Molecular Imaging, Oncology/Radiation-Therapy, Ultrasound, Radiology, Mammography, Urology, Surgery

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