Article Number: 10400030

QC Kit
Quality assurance device for luminance measurements at image display devices according to IEC, AAPM and DIN. Complete electronics, sensor and display in a single unit. Classified as medical product class I, measuring device of class B.
QC Kit for luminance measurements at image display devices (black/white), according to IEC, AAPM and DIN, consisting of:
  • Spot Luminance Meter LXcan, equipped with:
  • Large backlight display that shows readings and also supports alignment and adjustment of the measurement spot at the test monitor.
  • Targeting Device: an integrated camera which is generating an image of the target on the display of the LX Can: a visible circle symbolizing the measuring spot, has to point at the real measuring area on the IDD display.
  • Contactless distance sensor: The color of the circle signalizes via its color (green or red), if the measuring distance of 50 cm is obeyed.
  • Inclination sensor for precise user alignment of viewing angle.
  • New compact optic design and box housing integrades the LXplus stray light reducing front tube camera into the housing of the new LX Can. Test display generated at the front lens of luminance meters limits the luminance resolution to the level of stray light.
  • Newly designed compact focusing optic with 1.5 field of view offers a slightly increased signal to noise ratio at very low luminance levels.
  • RS 232 and USB interfaces enable remote control operation of the instrument as well as on-line operation with power supplied via the RS 232 or USB interfaces.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery supports the increased power need of the large size back lighted display and powerful microprocessor.
  • Recharge via USB interfaces is accomplished by connecting to a PC, laptop or optional power supply.
  • Power supply for LXcan with 4 adapters (RoHs conform)
    (interface cable – USB – is absolutely necessary)
  • Interface cable (USB)
    Connects the LXcan to a PC/Laptop for remote control and automatical transfer of the measured data into the software LUXOR Display Q (necessary for charging the internal rechargeable batteries)
  • Carrying case (High precision mini tripod fits into the carrying case)


MR, Cardiology, CT, Molecular Imaging, Oncology/Radiation-Therapy, Ultrasound, Radiology, Mammography, Urology, Surgery

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